ONDUVILLA asphalt tile roofing sheet ? Surigao City in Surigao City, Caraga for sale

ONDUVILLA...................bituminous roof tile sheets
Want to have a Roof that is:
- same look as traditional clay tiles (aesthetic look)
- Rust Proof (ideal for coastal areas)
- cost effective (affordable)
- Heat and Sound Insulation (no insulation needed)
- waterproof (no sealants needed)
- flexible, lightweight and durable (significant savings on roof frame structure)
- ease of installation (ideal for DIY approach)
- safe and ecological (no asbestos ? green architecture)
-chemical, rot and fungi resistant (pleasant looking)
-can withstand windspeeds up to 192 km/hr (typhoon resistant)
Introducing......ONDUVILLA lightweight bituminous roofing tile sheets.
When using ONDUVILLA, you will have the superior aesthetic look such as Clay Tile Roofings or shingles but without the hassles of undersheeting, waterproofing felt and insulation. Plus its lightweight feature gives significant savings on roof frame structure.
Onduvilla tile roofings are best suited for beach resorts, medium to high end residential housings, and can be a replacement or option to clay tile or concrete tile roofings and asphalt shingles.
Onduvilla Dimensions:
Length = 0.40 meters
Width = 1.06 meters
Thickness = 3mm
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Available At:
Cebu City
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Cel. # 0932-877-3678 (sun)
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